Worldwide photographic solutions for theatre and performing arts

the theatre in general needs photographs for a few distinct reasons
my favourite is the one below, to eternalize what happens on the stage

it’s as if the stage is a studio perfectly set up,
a whole lot of magic is going on, just waiting to be eternalized,
I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but in that place and moment…
it’s curious how a static fraction of a second can be filled with such ecstatic theatrical movement

about a month before any play premieres, it will always need photos for the


this is tricky, because the scenario, the costumes, the play itself isn’t ready yet
but the press and the blogs really need some neat photographs before their next release
they want something iconic, between the concept and the scene, so that’s what I give them

concept photographs fit like a glove when


there is something intimidating about expressing throw photographs the ideas of a play while it is still being conceived
always an experiment, the goal is to create something unique that touches whoever sees it
perfect for the programme, banners, social networks, all the production’s official advertising material

before, while, last but not least

Behind the Scenes

even the most common day for an actor can be a full plate for me
there is a fresh and positive energy in every theatre group I meet, that’s enough
this magical ambiance, this simples pleasures, are just waiting to be photographed

you are invited to check some